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 Geico Motorcycle Insurance - Why You Should Buy From Geico

Motorcycle insurance is expensive enough without adding the hidden costs of an insurance provider that doesn’t understand how the industry works. The good news is that there are several insurance providers who do understand the ins and outs of the motorcycle insurance world, and they make it their mission to serve individual riders by offering competitive rates and a general understanding of rider needs. When it comes to getting a quote, there are many things you should keep in mind before choosing a provider. Here are some reasons you should buy from Geico instead of your typical insurance company:

No Hidden Fees or Upselling

  • Motorcycle insurance providers may try to sell riders add-on products like a collision repair estimate or a car rental add-on. Unfortunately, these products only add to the cost of insurance and can even decrease your overall coverage. This is why it’s a good idea to avoid these types of add-ons.
  • Another sneaky way insurance providers make money is by charging riders an application fee. Make sure you are only charged one fee and that it covers the entire application process.
  • If you are charged a separate application fee, stop, and re-read your policy. If you still want to purchase your motorcycle insurance, then go ahead and skip the fee. If you happen to find a provider that doesn’t charge an application fee and has low rates, then keep shopping. The application process is critical, and you don’t want to spend a few minutes with one provider only to discover they charge an application fee and have awful rates.

Experienced Riders Only

Motorcycle insurance can be confusing for many first-time buyers. They may not know about the different policies and how they work together. If you are new to motorcycle insurance, then you may be wondering why a certain company is offering you an amazingly low rate. Unfortunately, the low rate may be due to a lack of experience. Most insurance companies will only offer a low rate to experienced riders who have a certain number of years of experience under their belt. These companies want to make sure they are not underwriting the policy to a beginner rider who will only need the motorcycle insurance once a decade. If you are a new rider, don’t let this rule stop you. You can still purchase motorcycle insurance at a low rate. Just make sure you do your research and submit a quote with a company that will accept inexperienced riders.

Compassionate Customer Service

We all know that it’s important to shop around for the best quote. But, once you have found a quote from one provider, will you actually shop around for the best rate? Most riders only shop around when the need arises. This is unfortunate because even if you find the best price for motorcycle insurance, you may not change providers if you are happy with your current provider. If you do change providers, it’s important to take the time to explain to your new provider why you switched. This will ensure you receive the best possible rate. Providers are human, too, so it’s important to ask them to explain any deductions or other rules in your policy. This will ensure you aren’t missing out on an important coverage.

Easy Claims Processes

Everyone has had a motorcycle accident. The question is: how easy do you feel you made it for yourself? From the moment you realize you have an accident until you have completed all the claims forms and gotten everything for yourself, how long does it take? If you don’t feel like you are making things as easy as possible for yourself, then you need to shop around for the best claims process. Many motorcycle insurance providers offer walk-in or online claims. This means you can go to the provider’s office or log into their website to file your claim. If you are filing online, you should be sure you are giving the provider your correct information. If you aren’t giving the provider your correct information, your claim could be declined. Not only will a declined claim cost you more money, but it could also leave you with a damaged motorcycle that you will have to replace.

Geico Offers Free Roadside Assistance

When you are in an accident, you want to make sure you get everything you need. Unfortunately, many roadside assistance providers require riders to purchase a separate service to receive help. Geico offers free roadside assistance for one year after your motorcycle insurance expires. This means you are covered in case you have another accident. Geico’s roadside assistance offers up to three flat tires, up to three days of no driving because your bike is too damaged to drive, and up to $20 for the cost of a tow. These are the standard features of most motorcycle insurance providers. The difference is that Geico offers them for free. This means you won’t have to worry about paying for them later.

Final Word - Should You Buy Motorcycle Insurance From Geico?

  1. If you want a low-cost insurance provider that understands the ins and outs of the motorcycle insurance world, then you should buy motorcycle insurance from Geico.
  2. The company has a proven track record of serving individual riders by providing competitive rates, a compassionate claims process, and free roadside assistance. If you want to save money on motorcycle insurance, then you should shop around for the best rates on Geico.